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Liza Carbe on her Lindsey Buckingham years.

Lindsey is a music legend. So when I was asked to be a part of his solo album and tour I was beyond excited. What I learned during that time has proven to be far more instrumental than I could ever have imagined. I’m a better musician and music producer because of it. Thanks to Lindsey and our crew.

Playing Live around the world and shooting videos.

Playing music live on stage in front of people has always been the motivating factor in my music career. Shooting videos with a music icon...well that was awesome.

Liza Carbé is bassist, guitarist, vocalist and composer based in Los Angeles. After years in the music industry, she finally has her first solo CD available: "Wait for the Spring". The vocal music, forged in a modern yet timeless new age style, represents compositions as far back as "Songbird", written when Liza was 19, to last year's creative work "Wait for the Spring", inspired by the passing of Liza's mother.

Liza is perhaps best known as one of the co-founders of the internationally acclaimed, Billboard-charting latin-guitar-world-fusion group INCENDIO. Born to a family of artists and musicians, Liza sang in her first musical at the age of five. After moving to California from Connecticut (so that her Sicilian-born father, Nino Carbé, could return to work at the Disney Studio), she started studying guitar at the age of 9. During her first year of college, she was fortunate to have a professor who studied with cutting-edge composer and instrument creator Harry Partch. One of her first assignments was to combine her art welding skills with her musical knowledge and invent an instrument. Thus the Zil was born - a three-foot metal cone with 32 piano strings.  Shortly thereafter she was asked to play her new Zil on the critically acclaimed new music CD “The Pillory” and later again on the “The Pillory/The Battle” written by Jasun Martz. She also performed in local clubs singing and playing guitar and working in churches as a soloist and section leader.    

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