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Whisper - and as your words brush past my lips they linger
Like the blush of spring you sing a song that warms me
and everything about the world is new, with you
enraptured in our love - time has lost her hold

And I love you still
Through all of my life I have searched for the light that I see
Deep inside of you
Will you hold a place for our love that will never fade away

I have wondered in this world alone without love
And I never knew until I found you
That everything about this life could be, I see
A wonderous melody
With you I've found my home

If you find I'm dreaming, please don't wake me up
I'm breathless when I'm near you, enlightened by your touch
A story with a happy end, I know that one's for us
We'll close our eyes and make a wish that love will carry us

Whisper - one more time and I will fall asleep in
Arms that cradle me as I drift off
And all of life's illusion just fade away
With you I'm here to stay
You’ve come to take me home