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She wants to be an opera star
She still loves the queen
She dresses all in colors of
Orange and gold and green
And if a gypsy caravan
Had ever come around
I’m sure she would have left us all
And danced her way through town

She walks into the kitchen and sits down on a stool
She looks around and wonders what more there is to do
She’s cooked and cleaned and baked so many cakes and bread
And now she’d just like to rest her weary head
She’s been the keeper of the stories all through out the years
She seen too many die - she's shed too many tears

So self absorbed, so brilliant - the storyteller’s best
Bright colors and long earrings, you always looked your best
You loved the years in Bonaparte when your Dad was still alive
And singing in the 40’s with my father by your side
She taught me the name of every bird and every plant
The beauty in each flower of the history and the past

I will miss you everyday and keep you in my heart
Black tea and good brandy, you will always be a part of me