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Liza Carbe's first solo CD
"Wait for the Spring" now available

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Songwriters observe and reflect their surroundings. They create metaphors and rhymes for the emotional landscapes that envelop us all and help us to know that we are not alone. This collection of songs reflects my obvservations with and about the people around me. In one, I tell the story of a legendary esoteric figure. In another, I write about the twilight place between childhood and madness, that gnostic understanding that we cannot explain. These songs were recorded at the saddest time in my life. My mom passed away during the recording of this CD, and never got to hear the final mixes. However, she did love what she heard. The songs "Wait for the Spring" and "She Still Loves the Queen" were written about my mother. She got to hear the latter and loved it. "Wait for the Spring" was written after she passed.

This CD was recorded in my studio between 2010 and 2012. I co-produced the CD with my husband Jean-Pierre Durand, who provided most of the guitar and keyboard work that you'll hear. Additionally, friends like violinist Joe Craven, keyboardist Lao Tizer and violinist Massimo DiStefano make really beautiful contributions to the work. Click on a title below for the lyrics:

All I Need Is You

Wait For The Spring


And I Love You Still

Just A Dream


Count Germain

I Will Be There

Just Out of Reach

She Still Loves the Queen

Garden of Hearts