Check out Liza's main group, internationally acclaimed instrumental spanish guitar band INCENDIO!



Incendio - the group that Liza co-founded with Jim Stubblefield and JP Durand.

Carbe Durand - a site for me and JP - features more of our work for film, TV and music libraries.

Nino Carbe - Liza's father's website featuring his amazing artwork.

Jim Stubblefield - Liza's partner in Incendio

New World Music - "A Woman's Voice Volume 3" - this label first released two of my solo songs on this compilation last year - they have also released 2 Incendio CD's.


Nicole Falzone - longtime friend and Incendio bandmate. Supreme drummer and fellow Sicilian.

Bryan Brock - percussionist extraordinaire - the meditative timekeeper of Incendio.

Joe Shotwell - jazz trio featuring original Incendio drummer Joe Shotwell, now living in Northern Cal.

Tahni Handal - this Austin TX singer/songwriter is my rocking' friend from way back.

Lisa Lynne - composer/harpist and the hardest-working woman in the biz.

Tom Brechtlein - amazing drummer and friend. When he plays with Incendio, it's always a treat.

Joe Craven - there is nothing from which he cannot create music. Inspirational southern gothic madness.

Lao Tizer - beautiful pianist, composer, storyteller, and partner in indie music.

Massimiliano Distefano - violinist from my father's hometown in Avola, Sicily. I met him there and had to have him play on the CD.

Red Van Go - my early 90's neo-folk-rock extravaganza with Nicole Falzone and the incredible guitarist Larry Weber.

Hudost - good friends from the road - we've shared many laughs, tears, and songs.

California Guitar Trio - more good pals from the road - I was privileged to engineer Bert Lams incredible solo CD, Nascent, composed entirely of Bach pieces.

Lindsey Buckingham - I toured with Lindsey in 1992 and 1993 on the "Out of the Cradle Tour". Amazing guitarist and vocalist, but you know that.

Leon Patillo - I played bass and toured the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, together with my friend Andrea Carol on drums.

Vixen - my first tour out of college, touring the DEEP U.S. I played on their EP that was used in the movie "Hardbodies".

Roger Espinoza - great guitarist, homeboy, father of two great girls, unapologetic Van Halen and Kiss fan. Rock on.

Robert Earl Longley - we have shared the stage many times with this incredible guitarist.

Carmen Lundy - THE jazz vocalist of this age and wonderful pal. Great composer, too. JP and I mixed her "Live at the Madrid" CD.

Lin Morel- great spiritual adviser and healer.


Joni Mitchell - a profound influence for me musically and lyrically.

Led Zeppelin - the best band ever.

Peter Maxwell Davies - a hugely influential composer of contemporary classical music.


Audio Technica - great mics and support over the years.

Mackie Design - the backbone of our live show.

Ampeg- very happy to now be endorsing their products, which I have used for years.

Alvarez-Yairi Guitars - I use their CY128CE classical guitar. Killer live guitar with great tone.

Rotosound Strings- I've been using them forever - thanks, Jason!


Sonoton Music Library - a great music library that gave us our start years ago, thanks to our good friend and supporter at Sonoton, Elisabeth Oei.

Megatrax - another music library for whom we've done a few CD's (hi, Wendie!).

Frameworks - an newer independent library by our friend Lindsay Tomasic.

5 Alarm Music Library - a music library based out of Firehouse Studios in Pasadena.


Defenders of Wildlife - a group that has done so much great work for wildlife and our planet.

Retired K9 Partners - a special service to benefit retired police dogs.

Good Dogs Are Trained - trainer Jim Leske's dog services website.

Wolf Mountain - a great wolf sanctuary in Southern California